Chocolate Mousse

Mix for the preparation of bavarois and mousse



  • 500 g  Zeesan
  • 625 g  Water
  • 2.500 g  Whipping cream
  • 300 g  Swiss Roll


  • 1.500 g  Frutafill


  • 300 g  Paletta Miroir Neutral


  • 300 g Scaldis Milk


  1. Put a plastic sheet of 4 cm hight and 20 cm length into a ring with a diameter of 5 cm.
  2. Place a slice of swiss roll onto the bottom.
  3. Pipe a dot Fruitful (25 gr) onto the swiss roll.
  4. Mix the Zeesan (any flavour) with the water.
  5. Blend the semi whipped cream or topping carefully with the Zeesan/water mixture.
  6. Add approx. 60 gram bavarian into the ring and flatten the surface.
  7. We advice to put the bavarian for one hour inside the refrigerator before freezing, to get an optimal setting.
  8. Put the Paletta Miroir (any flavour) on top of the bavarian and release the plastic sheet.
  9. Make a raster with Scaldis on a plastic sheet of 5 cm hight and 21 cm length pull around the bavarian.
  10. Put back into the freezer and release the plastic before futher use as decoration.

Yield 60 pieces