We’ve Moved: New Office and Baking Innovation Center


Bake123 LLC & Bakematic USA LLC will participate to the Baking Expo IBIE 2022 in Las Vegas, 18-21 September 2022 with a 1200 sq.ft. booth.

Sponge Cake Choco

Our appealing chocolate sponge cake is deeply rich and effortless to make. An ideal base for you to add your own creative signature.

Bombe au Chocolate

Our beautiful Bombe au Chocolate, made with Zeelandia premium ingredients, provides dazzle to your final course.

Brioche Pie

Our Brioche Pie utilizes Zeelandia’s rich Tiramisu Mousse Mix, a perfect dessert that celebrates Italian Tiramisu with a delectable new spin.

Brioche Cheese Bread

Scrumptiously savory, our Brioche Cheese Bread is a perfect accompaniment for the center of plate or your bread bowl.

Hamburger Bun

Elevate your signature burgers with a bun descended from the heavens; light, buttery and delicious.

Banana Cake

There’s no monkeying around with our rich banana cake filled with the delightful flavors of our season cake and compound banana filling.

Apple Cake

Our Season Cake and rich Apple Filling pair beautifully in this year round crowd pleaser.

Cheese Bread

Cheesy Cheese Bread has never been easier that with the addition of Zeelandia’s Panoplus Nacho.